About Us

Carpita Construction LLC (CCi) is a General and Finish Contractor based out of Spokane Washington, the very heart of the Pacific Northwest. CCi specializes in Hospitality, Multi-Family Housing and Commercial Tenant Improvement (TI) Renovation.  CCi is licensed as a general contractor in six states and a finish contractor in a seventh.

Even though our Multi-Family Housing and Tenant Improvement work is mostly centralized in Washington State, our Hospitality division takes us to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico and even Tennessee. Under Carpita we have finished over fifty hotel renovations from a common area bathroom remodel to an entire rebranding and total hotel renovation. Carpita has worked as a finish contractor doing flooring in several thousand units over the past few years. We have also completed 210,000 square feet of TI work over the last three years. As CCi we have started and or finished eleven more hotel renovations, are under contract for 400 apartment units and are under contract for an additional 50,000 square feet of TI work as of the first quarter of 2014.  

We are an amazing team.

As a Company:

Carpita Construction LLC (CCi), was newly formed (January, 2014) as a strategic decision to continue the company’s growth as the country continues to emerge from the economic downturn. Carpita’s sole owner, Greg Mewhinney, felt it was important to our companies’ well-being to transfer from a sole proprietor to a LLC with experienced and stable partners that shared his vision of a business built around a customer service philosophy. CCi delivers a quality, value based product in a timely manner that is a positive asset for our clients and strategic partners.  

As Principals:

There are four Principals currently associated with CCi. We are all committed to our senior partner’s vision and business philosophy. All projects are directly managed by a principal member of our company. This does two things. It keeps projects on track and efficient by limiting wasted materials and time, while keeping sub-contractors and venders in check for timely and budget minded performance. It also shows our commitment to quality control and delivering a project that is “on-time and on budget”.

We continually work to bridge the differences between building Owner/Manager budgets and time constraints and Tenant/End Users needs and wants. We find that our clients like being able to work directly, and openly with decision makers. We know what is happening on our sites at all times so if issues arise we normally are already aware of the probability and are diligently working towards a viable solution. That translates into less downtime, better jobsite cooperation, and less wasted resources.

That philosophy will eventually limit our growth but we feel, as Principals, that it is a tradeoff we are willing to take to make sure our clients are pleased to have us as their contractors and strategic partners.

As Industry and Community Partners:

Our management team feel strongly about community and industry involvement. We are heavily involved in the Spokane chapter of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) and our members have served as local board members and executive board members of that international organization.

We have also been very active in the Washington Apartment Association (WAA) and their local affiliates by helping with support staff and serving in statewide leadership positions.

CCi is an EPA certified RRP firm and has an EPA certified trainer on staff that has been available for clients and non-clients alike to answer questions and provide mandatory, industry, training on lead based paint issues.

Our newest industry affiliation is with the Spokane Home Builders Association and we are excited about the opportunities presented to us by that organization. They have a committed community outreach program and are dedicated to industry education. CCi embraces their philosophy and mission statement.

Our community service includes being active in NLPOA, scouting, school parent volunteers as well as 4-H.


We would like to encourage you to build a strategic partnership with us. Contact us and let us show you how, together we can secede in a long term business relationship.